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Productive Fridays, satisfying car door slams, and much, much more.

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Image credit here.   Eurgh. Probably the best way to describe how I feel today is that I’m tired. Bone tired. Today’s been a long day at work. But I’m pretty satisfied about how it turned out. I did three out of five tasks in my to-do list, I managed to study/prepare for my report that’s due after midterms, and I was able to get what I needed. #hellopaydaythankyou I’m actually trying to keep this […]

Life update number 2: A month into grad school, and a few important takeaways

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grad school diaries / grad school life / Life Lately

Hi! Here I am, writing this post whilst sick. No worries, I’m feeling slightly better, but not yet in perfect working condition. So, I have taken the time to write this little update. And tonight, whilst writing this entry, I realised that it’s been a month since I started graduate school. To use a cliche–time really does fly. And with that realisation, there are other things I have learned, too.

My July–catching up with you all

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grad school diaries / grad school life / Life Lately / New horizons

Hello! Hope you are all well. July sped by, and it took my breath away–literally! For some reason, this month had the record of me calling in sick a lot because of–you guessed it, asthma attacks. Oh, and high blood pressure, which shocked me. It’s a wake up call for me to eat more healthily and to exercise more! This month was also a flurry of preparations–having those medical check-ups as part of a pre-enrolment […]

After that long break + what I learned during that time

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Life Lately

Hello, I’m back, after a long break. So many things have happened–Lent and grad school applications thrown in together. So, what’s Lent got to do with the break? Well, it’s the time of the year I usually do my annual social media detox. I cheated a bit, that’s true (#cantstayawayfromthegram), but I’ve learned to be less fixated on it. There are a few things I’ve learned during my break. I will be sharing my insights […]