Day: 20 August 2019

A letter to the law school freshman.

I didn’t just study in coffee shops–sometimes I study at home, especially when I am skint!

Dear Law School Freshie,

I’m sitting here writing a letter to you, the law school freshman. There was a bit of mental see-sawing before I started to write this post.

First things first–I am not a law student.

Hear me out–I used to be one. Leaving law school was a difficult decision to make, yet, at the same time, the best one. It isn’t because the passion isn’t there anymore, but I needed to take that breather.

Anyway, here’s the tea: law school is a rollercoaster. Having been in it for years has helped me become a stronger person emotionally. I’m not scaring you off, but there are a few points I need to make. Read More