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I nearly forgot about this.

I’ve made it this far. Whew! I’ve been working in this government office for six years now. Technically, it’s seven, but my contractual stint didn’t count as government service. It’s been a rocky road so far, but I’m so glad I stuck it through. There were many times I’ve considered handing in my notice due to mental health reasons, but I didn’t. I’m still working here, and it’s unbelievable. Thank you for that rollercoaster, PNRI. I love you.

My glass skin dreams

As I am in my mid-thirties, I need to take better care of my skin, thus the incorporation of two anti-aging moisturisers s and facial wash in my skin care routine. Recently however, i came across this article from Allure introducing a popular Korean trend, the glass skin, a fancy term for clear, luminous, seemingly transparent skin. Of course I was sold on that. Who doesn’t want a clear, dewy, and luminous skin? I wouldn’t be an exception. The products pictured above aren’t all the products I use everyday for skincare. There are new products that I have just bought, and not yet used! I’m willing to share my skincare routine, though.

It’s Sinking In

Well, hello you. Again, it’s been ages since I have written an update, and during that time, I wasn’t in a very good place mentally and emotionally. As well, I have been physically ill a lot, the heat being the main culprit. There was another reason for the silence. I’ve applied for graduate school at the end of April; took the exam on the 11th of May. Well, who look got in. I had to give out my application number twice to the college secretary over the phone to make sure that I passed. The photo above was proof that I don’t need to pinch myself. I passed, oh dear Lord, I passed–and I even attended the orientation. Yes, I know I’ve got a lot of work cut out for me academically, but oh God, let me have a moment of giddiness. Getting admitted into this state university isn’t something to be sneezed at—it is a big deal, considering that’s the uni nearly every Filipino wants to study in. I could apply for an appeal, …